School Policies
Secondary School 

These are the policies that we have at school. The policies are all in one document and uploaded on the school management platform for all parents, students and staff.

• Health and Safety
• Medication administration
• Healthy Eating
• Safeguarding children at school
• Anti-bullying
• Personal and Sensitive Data
• Acceptable Internet Usage
• Inclusion
• Uniform Guide

• SMILE project
• Pastoral Care
• Parental Involvement
• Assessment
• Attendance
• Environmental Sustainability
• Language
• Behaviour – conduct and merit card system


All students enter our college through a ballot system organised by the Archdiocese of Malta. Ballot entries are in Kinder 2 and Year 1. The students ending Year 6 in the primary school have an automatic reserved place in the secondary school, but if there are any vacancies these are filled in through the ballot system in Year 7. For more information on church schools’ admissions one needs to visit website link below.


School transport is organised by the Ministry of Education and Employment. It provides Free Transportation to students in compulsory schooling and kindergarten, attending State, Church and Independent Schools. All school transport vehicles which will be used for the scheme are compliant and approved to carry school children by the National Competent Authority, Transport Malta. Registration for school transport can be accessed from the link below.