Erasmus + Project: Cultivating Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence: Empowering Educators in Galway.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the need for educators to be equipped with more than just subject knowledge is becoming increasingly evident. This realisation took centre stage at a transformative course held in Galway from July 31st to August 4th 2023, where educators from different EU countries converged to delve deep into mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The course proved to be a pivotal juncture for educators, as they learned to exploit these tools not only for their personal growth, but also to create enriched learning environments for their students. 

The course set out with clear objectives that were seamlessly woven into each session, allowing educators to grasp both the theoretical foundations and practical applications of emotional intelligence and mindfulness. The objectives encapsulated a holistic approach to education, which was aimed at empowering educators on various levels. Armed with theoretical knowledge, the participants went a step further to acquire practical skills. The course provided them with the tools to integrate mindfulness and emotional intelligence into their teaching methodologies. 

The course emphasised that educators’ well-being directly influences their teaching effectiveness. The participants were encouraged to make positive changes that would enrich their experiences as educators, ultimately benefiting all staff and students. Educators were empowered with techniques to manage stress, leading to an increase in overall well-being. 

One of the most significant objectives was to mould participants into future ambassadors, who could transfer the acquired skills and knowledge to their peers, thus creating a ripple effect of positive change. As effective communication is the backbone of education, the course aimed to enhance educators’ communication skills, enabling them to connect more effectively with students, colleagues, and parents. 

Educators emerged from the course with a toolkit that transcended the boundaries of their classrooms as they discovered how mindfulness could be integrated into their teaching practices, thereby nurturing student well-being and enhancing academic performance. 

Armed with newfound emotional intelligence skills, the participants cultivated aspects of self-compassion which would help to empathise with their students’ needs, thereby forging more profound connections and offering better support. 

The course instilled in the participants the capacity to harness mindfulness, fostering a learning environment characterised by heightened focus, reduced burnout, and increased student engagement. The course encouraged educators to embrace new cultural contexts and establish networks with international colleagues, fostering a rich and diverse educational experience. 

The educators departed with enhanced emotional intelligence and a mindful approach that they are eager to impart to their students and colleagues. By nurturing educators’ own well-being and communication skills, this movement promises a future where educators cultivate not just academic prowess, but also the emotional intelligence and mindfulness that fosters a well-rounded and empowered generation. 

Ms Stephanie Axisa

Ms Michaela Demicoli

Ms Enid Bonello


Immaculate Conception Secondary School Tarxien – August 2023