Erasmus + Project: Enriching the vocational school experience.

As teachers of home economics and VET subjects at St Jeanne Antide College’s Immaculate Conception Secondary School, Tarxien, we recently undertook a week-long visit to Tenerife, Spain, sponsored by the Erasmus programme.

There we familiarised ourselves with the vocational training programmes in hospitality and fashion and textiles run by the FU International Academy. While enhancing our academic knowledge throughout the week, we also had the opportunity to explore Tenerife’s diverse culture, cuisine and natural beauty.

Throughout the week, we took part in an artificial intelligence course and undertook accompanying exercises that expanded our understanding of AI’s diverse applications in various fields.

A standout experience was our visit to ‘Siniorita Canelita’, where we delved into the art of bread-making. We learned about how the finest ingredients are sourced to create the perfect croissant, and in the process gained an even deeper appreciation for the culinary world.

A visit to the Mini Golf Restaurant left us inspired by its innovative concept, whereby diners are encouraged to play mini golf for free provided they enjoyed a meal there. This unique approach to hospitality sparked our interest in exploring unconventional business models.

Visiting the weaving workshop.

At ‘Zicatela’, we sampled the world of local cocktails and fusion cuisine, with a particular focus on sushi. The blending of traditional and modern culinary techniques showcases the island’s rich gastronomic diversity. This was emphasised throughout our stay as we tasted various typical dishes such as ‘Mojos’, the watercress soup, and seafood.

Another enlightening experience was our visit to a textile factory. We not only learned about different textiles but also had the opportunity to try our hand at using a weaving loom.

In addition to our academic activities, our afternoons were filled with exciting excursions. We explored the lush Botanic Garden, marvelled at the enchanting Butterfly World, and refreshed ourselves in the natural pools of Garrichio. A boat trip allowed us to witness the majesty of whales in their natural habitat, leaving us with a profound connection to the island’s marine life.

A visit to La Orotava, renowned for its ‘House of Balconies’ provided us with a glimpse into Tenerife’s architectural heritage and history.

Our Erasmus trip to the FU International Academy and Tenerife was an enriching and exhilarating experience. Besides the academic knowledge we gained, we were captivated by the island’s beauty, culture and culinary delights.

We return home with cherished memories, a deeper understanding of hospitality and textiles, and a newfound appreciation for the magic of Tenerife. This adventure has undoubtedly left an enduring mark on our lives, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.

Ms Claire Lauri

Ms Francesca Vella