Erasmus job shodowing between teachers from The Immaculate Conception Girls Secondary School and Lycée E.J. Marey de Beaune

The Immaculate Conception Girls Secondary School networking with lycée E.J. Marey de Beaune started in January 2022 where we embarked on an Erasmus job shadowing exchange.

The Staff at Lycée E.J. Marey de Beaune located in Burgundy were interested in sending their students for vocational training periods to Malta during the second term. The French school had applied for Erasmus+ grants to send two members of their staff on weekly “observation statuses” to Maltese schools. The idea would be for Maltese and French teachers to share their teaching and pedagogical experiences.

As an initial step our School hosted 2 teachers at with the plan that in the coming months, some of our staff will reciprocate the visit.

The idea was for the French members of staff to divide their time between attending some lessons and spending some time in our school. The teachers exchanged ideas on the working of both school systems, the workings and the organizational layout of the schools. They also tapped into their pedagogical experiences sharing and comparing practices with our teachers.

The first visits to Malta were held in the last 2 weeks of March by Mr Stephane Ferrer, Head of International Mobilities followed by Ms Florence Geulaud. Ms Geulaud is a vocational school subject teacher who teaches commerce. During her visit, she attended some lessons and exchanged ideas with some teachers and the school management team.

During the 3rd week it was the turn of Mr Jerôme Gautheron, a PE Sports Teacher. He attended some French and Physical Education lessons and also managed to take part in the annual Netball game which is organised for our Year 11 students as part of their school leaving celebrations.