Visiting Regina Coeli in Naples

The SMT of St Jeanne Antide College in Malta had the opportunity to spend some time at Regina Coeli in Naples which was founded in 1810 by the Sisters of Charity from the 17th to the 20th February 2023. Since the start of the congregation then the sisters still give their service to the locals who still live in very poor conditions. They educate with love and open their home to people in need. The monastery is a warm, joyful and a busy place offering opportunities of work and spiritual companionship.

One of the most beautiful moments was the time of prayer on St Jeanne Antide’s relics who are still preserved in her room. This amazing woman ahead of her times is still much alive not only at the convent but all around Naples and in our hearts. Her charism is still burning more than ever through our mission.

Melanie Ungaro